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2014/05/29★W/Jinny & Sanny

On 29th, I met Jinny and her sister, Sanny after working.

Jinny was the girlfriend of my roommate when I was in PIA.

(but now, she is a x...)

I met them in Shibuya. Then, went to Roppongi, cuz they wanted to go there and see Tokyo Tower.

I was really surprised because they suddenly came to Japan.

But I was also really happy to see they got happy to see Tokyo Tower.

Jinny is so individual and cool that i really like her.

Some Korean people say they hate Japan, cuz they are taught Japan is fu*king crazy, but she doesn't.

I mean she has own idea that is not influenced by "normal idea".

I like that.

I thought "I really want to continue our friendship even though Scoop broke up with her. And of course to be his friend."

Plus "I wanna know Sanny and other foreigners more."

They make me more flexible and peaceful i believe.

They look happy! It makes me happy too.

I was really glad that you guys said you were happy to get to know that place.

I laughed so much to talk with them. That was wonderful time for me.

I'm sure we will meet again soon !!!!

Thanks so much!